Terms of Service

Terms updated on March 27, 2018

Storeloop is a company registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 838 006 039. The premises of our company in France are located at 100 rue de Cléry, 75002 in Paris (hereinafter "Storeloop").

1. Your agreement with Storeloop

1.1 Your use of the Storeloop service is governed by this agreement (the "Terms"). "Platform" means the services that Storeloop makes available on this site, including this website, the Storeloop cloud computing platform, the Storeloop API, the Storeloop SDK and any other software or service offered by Storeloop.

1.2 To use the Platform, you must first agree to the Terms. You can accept the terms using the platform. You understand and agree that Storeloop will treat your use of the Platform as an acceptance of the Terms from that moment.

1.3 You agree to abide by the Storeloop Acceptable Use Policy available in the Acceptable Use Policy (the "Acceptable Use Policy") which is incorporated herein by this reference and which may be updated from time to time.

1.4 The Platform will be subject to the Privacy Policy of the Platform available at the Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") which is incorporated herein by this reference and may be updated from time to time. You agree to the use of your data in accordance with Storeloop privacy policies.

2. Presentation of the Platform

STORELOOP is developing a network of potential buyers wishing to receive exclusive promotional alerts from the merchant sites they visit.

The network is accessible to Affiliates (hereinafter "Affiliates"), on the one hand e-merchants (hereinafter "E-merchants") who wish to connect their shop to new customers, on the other hand publishers of sites (hereinafter "Publishers") wishing to invite their audience to sign in to receive unique promotions.

The Affiliate sites participate in the development of the Storeloop network by displaying on their pages competitions set by the e-merchants (hereinafter "Contests").

E-merchants connect by setting discount coupons (hereinafter "Discounts") that are sent by Storeloop in the form of push notifications to potential buyers interested in their brand.

If a potential buyer, clicking on a Discount, realizes in the hour following its click its first purchase on the site of the E-merchant, then the Publisher who is at the origin of the connection with the E -commercial, receives a remuneration.

3. Registration at the Storeloop platform

3.1 To participate in the Storeloop network as an Affiliate, the user applying for membership must first register at https://storeloop.com/app/signup using the social login Google, Facebook, Twitter , or Github.

3.2 Any legal person or any natural person who has turned 18 or over may register. In addition, each Affiliate must have a bank account. Storeloop reserves the right to verify the identity of the Affiliate. Registration to the Storeloop network is not transferable.

3.3 After accepting the terms and conditions of use, the Affiliate candidate chooses the E-merchant or Publisher role.

3.4 The Affiliate candidate then accesses his Personalized Interface (hereinafter "Dashboard") where he undertakes, to be recognized as an Affiliate to the Storeloop platform, to complete his registration by following the imposed steps:

3.4.1 If he has chosen the E-merchant role:

3.4.2 If he chose the Publisher role:

3.5 By clicking on the activation button on his Storeloop Dashboard, the Affiliate can use the entire Storeloop platform for the first time. He may check all personal data and information, modify it and terminate his participation in the Storeloop network.

3.6 The Affiliate can register several sites or shops of which he is publisher on his Dashboard. The Affiliate must be the publisher of all the sites it inscribes in its administration area, or have obtained the necessary authorizations for this registration. The acceptance of the registration of an Affiliate does not entail in any case the automatic acceptance of all the sites or shops that it submits.

3.7 Storeloop teams have the discretionary power to refuse activation of Storeloop in the event of installation failure.

3.8 Storeloop reserves the right to accept or refuse a site registration in a discretionary manner, without having to justify it, and without recourse or compensation.

3.9 Storeloop reserves the right to cancel the validation of a site at any time with the effect of the immediate unsubscription of said site.

4 Discounts

4.1 The discounts are configured by E-merchants in their Dashboard and are intended to be distributed to potential buyers of the network.

4.2 Discounts are sent via push notifications to potential Storeloop buyers subscribed to promotions alerts.

4.2 The discounts are configured by E-merchants in their Dashboard and are intended to be distributed to potential buyers of the network.

5 Contests

5.1 The competitions are configured by E-merchants in their Dashboard and are intended to be distributed on the sites of all Affiliates.

E-merchants may place restrictions on the distribution of other e-merchants' contests on their own site by setting up their own contest. An Affiliate agrees that its site will ensure normal distribution of the Contests. Neither Storeloop nor the E-merchants can be held responsible for a technical deficiency preventing a broadcast of the Contest on an Affiliate website.

5.2 It takes the form of a gift of 25 pixels by 25 pixels, displayed in the left corner of the user's browser when it visits the site registered by the Affiliate. If, during the visit on the site of the affiliate, a contest which the surfer has not yet participated is detected by Storeloop, then the gift vibrates or displays a window of 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high presenting gift vouchers and inviting the user to participate and sign up for Promotion Alerts if they have not already done so.

5.3 A user participating in a contest is identified as an intentionist of the E-merchant site at the initiative of the contest detected on the Affiliate's website. As such, he receives in the minutes following his participation, a push web notification with a Storeloop coupon to be valid for one hour on the E-commerce site at the initiative of the contest.

6. Payment of Publishers

6.1 General

The Publisher is paid for its role of connecting a new buyer on a site of the E-merchant. It is thus remunerated on the basis of the turnover generated by each intentionist detected on its site when it clicks on the Discount alert of an E-merchant site and makes its first purchase within 60 minutes of this. click. He then receives up to 5% of the value of this first purchase, excluding taxes and delivery charges.

6.2 Payment and billing

Provided that it does not breach any of its obligations under these terms of use, the Publisher becomes eligible for remuneration upon activation of Storeloop on its site.

The remuneration will be in the following conditions:

7. Invoicing of E-merchants

7.1 General

The E-merchant is billed for any purchase on his site that has been made within 60 minutes on his site by a user who has clicked a Discount alert on his site. As such, a commission is billed to him, equal to:

7.2 Payment and billing

Billing will occur under the following conditions:

8. Obligations of Affiliate or E-merchant

Under these terms and conditions, the Affiliate, acting as publisher of the sites registered on the Storeloop platform, agrees to guarantee Storeloop of any damages to Storeloop resulting from a claim or litigation because of the content of its aforementioned sites and to bear any claim or action. As such, the Affiliate undertakes to publish on its website only legal content. Storeloop may suspend without delay any Affiliate account that does not comply with this obligation.

The Affiliate undertakes to inform Storeloop of any discrepancies in the Storeloop platform of which he is aware, and to collaborate with Storeloop to provide Storeloop's technicians with all the information necessary to familiarize them with the problem and assist them in its diagnosis and the determination of the conditions of its reproducibility.

Storeloop undertakes to take into account the anomalies reported, insofar as it is proven that the anomaly reported is actually a dysfunction of the Storeloop platform, reproducible and not due to misuse, poor implementation of elements the Affiliate's website, the Affiliate's website or any of its elements, or the access or configuration of the Storeloop platform by the Affiliate or any other authorized person or not. Storeloop will make best efforts to correct this anomaly, based on its assessment of the severity and urgency of the correction of the anomaly, but does not guarantee their correction.

9. Duration and cancellation of the membership

Membership in the Storeloop platform has an indefinite duration from the validation of the registration and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any Affiliate may terminate his membership without notice and without having to justify it by sending an e-mail to Storeloop at end-of-service@storeloop.com, stating that he wishes to terminate his membership . The Affiliate's account will be canceled by Storeloop within 2 business days after receipt of the email sent by the affiliate.

In this case, the payments due will be made under the conditions of Article 5, at the request of the Affiliate, the repayments being made in the month following the effective date of termination. In the event of termination, in the event that the Publisher is not eligible for the repayment due to the fact that at the closing date the account concerned is not creditor of at least the sum mentioned, the Publisher acknowledges that remainder will not be paid and will be retained by Storeloop.

As an exception to the above, if Storeloop is to terminate an Affiliate's account for breach of any of its obligations under these terms and conditions of use, Storeloop will not be obliged to pay any sums that may have not yet been paid to this Affiliate, permanently.

The Affiliate will be notified of the closure of his account by e-mail, or by any other means Storeloop has.

10. Intellectual property

Affiliates do not have any rights in the trademarks, logos, text, graphics, images, audio files, videos, software and any other element protected by intellectual property rights on the Storeloop platform or provided by Storeloop.

11. Communication / Advertising / Marketing

The Affiliate agrees that Soreloop uses the elements provided in connection with its registration, or the publication via the Storeloop platform of content produced by the Affiliate, in presentations, marketing documents, Affiliate lists, reports financial or other public communication.

12. Exclusion of guarantee

Storeloop makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the service or platform, other than as expressly stated in these terms and conditions of use. Storeloop is bound only by an obligation of means.

Storeloop can not be held responsible for technical problems, congestion on the Internet or the failure of any other remote transmission system, which could prevent the platform from working properly. Storeloop is not responsible for the non-performance or partial performance of the service due to miscommunication with the Affiliate.

13. Limitation of liability

It is expressly agreed that the Affiliate expressly acknowledges that Storeloop's liability against it can not exceed the amount of the payments made to the Affiliate over the last twelve (12) months prior to the blaming of the liability. Storeloop by the Affiliate, and in any event this liability would be limited to an amount of two thousand (2,000) euros.

14. Updates

These general conditions of use, the content of the site www.Storeloop.com, as well as the operation of the platform may be modified, suspended or deleted without notice.

Insofar as the present general conditions of use are likely to evolve over time, the Affiliates undertake to consult them regularly, and to accept any modification intervening on these conditions, even after the registration of the Affiliate in the service of Storeloop.

The characteristics of the Storeloop platform are subject to change. Occasionally Storeloop may make changes (or discontinue service) for operational, maintenance or emergency reasons.

Once the Affiliate no longer accepts the terms and conditions of use, the latter agrees to leave the Storeloop platform and send an email via the contact form provided to inform Storeloop of the end of the partnership uniting them, which will end under the conditions mentioned in Article 8.

15. Personal data

When registering the Affiliate for the service and for any update of personal information in the administration of his account which is made available to him, Storeloop collects data concerning the Affiliate, under conditions specified on the page referring to the Privacy Policy.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions of use, and more generally the relations between Storeloop France and the Affiliates, are governed by French law. The courts and tribunals of Paris are only competent for any dispute between an Affiliate or a third party to Storeloop France.

In any case, any party having a conflict or a complaint against the company Storeloop France must inform the latter through a prior amicable and reasonable, at the end of which and only to this outcome, in case of failure of this amicable and reasonable approach, a judicial outcome may be sought.